Intuitive Counselors

First is the energy. Then is the movement. Then comes the concentration. And finally Matter is obtained.
All this happens NOT by Accident and Uncontrolled.
Everything obeys a single law
It evolves energy, then movement, concentration, and finally matter
EVOLUTION brings with it several aspects
Accelerates time, Lightens matter


What do Observers Observe?

From these three elements, enough information is gathered which makes up the human essence. First we observe, then we connect, then we give.


The cosmic essence carries information about your mission on Earth, what kind of being you are and how this affects your way of life .

The Observers understand that there is cosmic information, meaning knowledge about the global truth, extending past only the Earth. To summarize, your "cosmic essence" knows the whole truth.  Does not hold emotions, feelings, etc. 

We are observing for you the state of your matter at the moment. How they have arisen. What problems may arise in the future and what can be done to prevent them. And in general, how does your matter cope with its existence on Earth.

Genetic information- to us, only matter has the potential to create emotions and feelings- anger, happiness, sadness, jealousy, etc. Matter is just the way it can be

We will help you find the right answers to the questions that arise in your life. We will show you the signs in your life that show your way and how to observe them yourself

This includes cosmic essence + DNA/matter + your surrounding environment. (Family, upbringing, culture, religion, etc. education, values, habits

Rules for these three elements: 

Cosmic essence: 1) Cannot exist without DNA/matter. As matter is never created nor destroyed, cosmic essence cannot be destroyed. 2) Cosmic information is extremely extensive, with a large concentration of information within it. For example, it carries information of how one can evolve, create, protect, and learn. It is the only "creator" of the three elements. 

Matter / DNA of the Earth: 1) Is always evolving, lightens / more information passes through it. 2) Created from the Earth, for the Earth. Remains as only a part of the Earth. 3) He is not a creator. 4) Without her, the Cosmic Essence cannot manifest for now.

Free choice: 1) Combination of the first 2 elements. This element makes the balance. Very important or the most important element for the materialization of the events on Earth. It makes the balance between the elements.


Observers will generate information about the state of our human world in terms of energy on a daily basis.
The movement of the energy can be tracked- through different geography, events, and people. Another event to observe is if there is a vortex with enough deficit of energy that will manifest as an event in the material world.


What do Observers Observe? 
From these three elements, enough information is gathered which makes up the human essence.
First we observe, then we connect, then we give.
Information is given regarding: one's life mission, the purpose of the mission, how it will be completed, where mistakes can occur, how to fix those mistakes along the way, how to speed up this process, what obstacles will slow you down, and how this is reflected in your body. 

We will observe countries, world organizations, corporations,
and you will have information about their energy state.
That is, how the institutions will develop in the material world.
Or simply put, you will know whether they are telling the truth.

In many cases, what excites the empires inhabiting the earth differs from what is important at the levels that are at a higher level of information. This does not mean that the nuisance of this information is false or untrue.


For Russia

Russia will exist until the shooting in Ukraine. It will stop when the bombs run out. The next government will be very weak. It will not be elected by the people Then Russia will be swallowed up by Asia. The Russian nation will remain as original around only the borders of Ukraine. They do not know what they are doing, there will be mistakes all the time. Do not look for logic in their actions on the front. They must end up with the iron. They have confidence in the sea. There will be a battle in the sea to remove them. Both from land and from the sea./I do not want to say who will take part in this battle /There will be sunk and escaped. Just in time they will be removed before it becomes a big problem in countries that need grain in Ukraine. They cannot gather people because the Russians themselves do not see the force that will make them leave. The Russians no longer feel protected by Putin There will be no need for mobilization. But all the movements made by Putin's government continue to exist. None of these movements will change what needs to happen. The regime is morally obsolete. The territory named after the Russian Federation is big, empty and very low energy of the people / illiterate, hungry, unappreciated / This makes this territory like a lowland in geography / a huge pit. Asia will enter the larger territory because energy and is closer to that of Russia at the moment. This will be good for the whole world. There will be a balance in this territory. And then the level of the territory will rise. Many of the old Russian republics will mix there. New states will appear. The best of Russia will be preserved. The best of Russia will be preserved in a much smaller territory. But no one will suffer from this.


For Ukraine

After the war Ukraine will have work to do to unify moral values between its regions. It must become as homogeneous as possible. There will be clashes in the country as things balance out. Get rid of corruption, the judiciary and the police as a start. The more knowledge, the more money you bring in from different countries, the better. From Europe, Asia, America, Canada, Australia, Africa. Everyone must be present. Many foreigners will want to live and show in the New Ukraine. Accept them well. Many Ukrainians will not return to Ukraine, this is not a problem. This is the future of the world. Everyone will live where he wants. Make programs to attract not only money but also knowledge transfer. You will not need nationalism anymore. Mix with other nations so that my territory Ukraine can give personalities and science that will change the world.


This Is a Title

Observation of energy movement or other energy anomalies by geography