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Personality Observation

The monitoring consists of several stages

Rules and theorems

for life on Earth

Energetic body photo/the energy form of the body
Every form that exists on Earth has a mission
The overall task is to keep the form alive in the best possible living conditions on the planet so that missions can be carried out without delay.
The state of the matter / body
Observation of your cosmic nature / tasks, distortions, correction
Present, Future. Can there be a change in your life NOW?
You can't change your cosmic nature. You can break it, distort it. Add pieces of code from another entity. You can ignore it.
Truth -balances the three elements of Earth's existence  cosmic nature
2.your DNA
3.your free choice
They are not always in peaceful existence. If you choose to exclude even one deer from this battle. You are beginning to approach the end of your meaningful existence on this planet.
Мeaningful existence means to Complete Your Mission within this life
Everything has a center and must be perdeculative to the Earth
There are 3 information fields in you being

1. Your space actually / where you come from 2. Your terrestrial DNA

3.Your free will

Everyone knows the path and its cause

Why do we still get lost along the way? Are there any road signs? Are there roads back? Are there short roads. And what is the reason for this trip?

 Защо истината е важна за земните и извънземни.


 Какво представлява гравитацията за земните и извъннземните


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After the observation, provide the photo and summary of the information in writing within 2 hours if you want after the session by email. The session is not recorded and copies of your report are not kept. Please see the section for storing personal information.
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